Tuesday, August 30, 2011


OH the joy of being put in my place!

Tonight I had the pleasure of watching my 15 month-old neice and my 9 month-old for a few hours.

After dinner, I decided the mandarin-orange-splattered, turkey-stick-smelling monkeys sweet darlings could play in the bathtub for a while.

Let the madness ensue.

It started off great. Lots of giggling and swapping of toys and bare tooshies gliding along the bottom of the tub. Then my 9 month-old began trying to stand up.

There are few things I jump on as readily as my kids being in danger, so I immediately helped her back down and told her, "No, no, honey. Sit down."

What does she do? Yep. You got it. She stands back up.

This is where World War III a bit of a battle begins...

Stands up. Tap, tap on the rear, "No, sit down." Help her back down.

Stands back up. Tap, tap on the rear, "Sit down." Help her back down.

Stands back up. Firm tap on the rear, "Sit down." Help her back down.

She begins to cry in protest. (PROTEST. Not pain.)

Stands back up. Still light, but firm pop on the rear, "Sit down, sweetie." Help her gently back down.

Begins to SCREAM angrily. (This is a NINE MONTH OLD, people. Do not be deceived. She TOTALLY knows what is going on!)

STANDS BACK UP!!! Pop on the rear. "Baby, sit down." Help her back down.

Not even hesitating, defiant and MAD, she begins to stand back up while howling like a banshee.


She slips.

She falls and turns over and gets water in her mouth and begins bawling crying. This scares my neice who begins to cry and stand up.

I help my little one and hold her for a moment and make sure she's OK while also comforting my neice.

The rest of the bath??? Where I actually have to bathe them? HAHAHAHAHA

They were both standing up, holding on the side of the tub and me. Sniffling. And babbling happily.

Game. Set. Match.

Me: 0
Babies: 2


Melissa said...

So sorry to be laughing at this...but seeing as how I just got down giving our two baths, it's an understanding kind of laughter :)

FoxMcLeod said...

Oh, I totally welcome the laughter! If you don't laugh, you'll cry. :)