Thursday, August 11, 2011

I See...Birds

Here's my newest creation. His name is Poog. He is a bird. Of some sort.

One day I was looking at the ceiling while nursing Smooshy and began to notice patterns in the texturized ceiling. I focused in on one spot and sat smiling as the image of a little bird appeared.

The next day, I noticed it again and began to think that may be I should draw it.

I went about my business.

The third day, I felt that I just had to get it on paper...and Poog was born.

The first of the three images above is what I saw. I just made up the other two to give him a little more personality.

Yes, I am fully aware that Poog looks like a duck and blue jay combined.

Hey, I draw what I see in my head. Not sure why he doesn't have wings.

May be it's because he likes to do this...


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