Sunday, August 14, 2011

You Know Your Child's Father is a Programmer When...

There are many different reasons you can be completely shocked and embarrassed by what your kids say.

Reason #1: Your child tells anyone standing still long enough about some intimate detail of your life (i.e. You still suck your thumb; you pick your nose...and eat it; you wear holey underwear; all you feed your kids is McDonald's, etc.).

Reason #2: Your child repeats something she's heard from a t.v. show you watch religiously (or a movie you saw on Netflix)...Or she tells people WHAT you watch by saying, "Momma loves when so-and-so make out after a big fight." Eeep! (People, DON'T let your kids watch adult shows, please. I won't get into whether or not I think ADULTS should be watching some shows....)

I digress...

Reason #3: Your child repeats things that come out of YOUR mouth that shouldn't be said OR repeated...(Unless you have the unfortunate experience of your child bursting out to your pastor, "Momma said the 's' word!" And you have to explain that the 's' word is 'stupid,' hoping he believes you-BECAUSE IT'S TRUE, NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE LYING TO COVER YOUR TAIL!).

Then there are times when you are shocked that something comes out of your kid's mouth because it's genius.

If you have ever read my blog, or you decide to back-read it, anyway, you know that Ham is a genius. At least, I think so. She's a clever little girl, at any rate. And it's apparent that her daddy THE Genius has explained a bit about computer programming (one of his specialties) to her.

Here's the scenario:
Ham is dancing around the living room 'holding' her 'brother's' hand (her new imaginary brother). At one point, she begins looking around and says, "Oh, Brother is not here anymore!" She flits over to my computer and sees a drawing (Poog) I was working on minutes before she got to my house and says, "Oh, there he is!" And at this point, she pretends to grab her brother's hand and lead him out of the computer.

My sister and I smile at each other and my sister asks, "How did your brother get inside the computer?"

At which Ham nonchalantly says, "Oh, he coded himself into the computer."

My sister and I about fell out. He CODED himself....

All the sudden my sister and I were having flashbacks of The Matrix.

Brilliant. Baby. Girl.

Still such a HAM!

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