Thursday, September 4, 2008

Set of four hand-painted tumblers and pitcher

OK, I must be insane, right? I am now venturing to make a set of four hand-painted owl tumblers with an iced tea pitcher included. I don't know if I want to sell this on or list it to win on my blog. Here is a picture of the sample owl glasses:

I would love to paint an owl on one, my giraffe on another, an elephant, and maybe a koi fish. What do you think?

Option a) All one design (with maybe the animal being different colors on each), b) all one design (with animal being one color on all), c) a series of different animals in the set, or d) do all four sets with one animal per set?

Does that make sense?

See, I get too much going at once. Don't worry though, I am going to finish my friend's wine glasses before taking on this endeavor, so it could be weeks before I get around to making the iced tea set.


Hannah said...

I vote for a set with Owls of different colors. I would be alll over that for a Christmas present for someone. Love it.

tammy said...

cute! all of the above sounds good.

BeBe said...

I like the different animal on each glass. That way people know which glass is theirs. The giraffe and owl are great!!