Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bunny heads

Ham has been dancing for a while now. As soon as music comes on, she will begin to wiggle herself back in forth. She will dance if you hum, she will even dance if you whistle. A few months ago, when she began standing on her own for several seconds, she noticed she could clap and dance while standing. She loves jazz, classical, pop and even some country. She doesn't seem to know what to do with rap, however...and that's just fine with me. (Although I have immensely enjoyed some clean Eminem from time to time.)

Most of what Ham does is now pretty predictable. I know that if I try to look at her 'teeth' (she has yet to have any break the surface, even if I can see them lined up on top), she will scrunch her mouth up and look like a loggerhead turtle. You know, the upper lip protruding out a little in a v-shape? See picture (courtesy of Tony Rath). She does it EVERY time. I'll have to get a picture of that soon.

However, I still say, "Open. Ahhhhhhhh. Open for Mommy." She still doesn't. I am looking for something more like this:
Cute, huh? (That's a baby loggerhead turtle.) Picture, courtesy of Save Bahimi Bay (something like that.)

Anyway, none of this is the point.

Ham has this stacking ring toy. It's really cute and waaaay overpriced, so I got it with a gift certificate. Anyway, each ring is a bunny part (bottom is the legs, middle is the tail, and top is the arms). Then there is the head...which detaches with velcro. Ham has never been that interested in it. I would try to show her how it's done, and she would just look at it and move on her merry little way.
Well, a few weeks ago, I got it out one night before she went to bed and Hubby and I started playing with her and showing it to her. We started this really sadistic game of pulling off the bunny head and screaming. It got hilarious when we would say, "NO, NO, don't pull off my head, 'Ham!' Help, help!" Then Ham would decapitate the bunny and we would scream and she would fall back on the floor giggling hyterically. Since then, now she will pull the bunny's head off herself and give this little wee scream to imitate us. Ok, yeah, we're sick.

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