Friday, March 4, 2011

It'll be so boring without it!

Typical scenario at my sister's house (Leaving for church):
Aria (5 yrs old) comes running in as my sister is trying to haul her 9 mos. old out the door.
Aria says, "I need to get something."
(Her target: My sister's lipstick.)
My sister, "You are not taking my lipstick to church. You already lost my lip liner."
Aria, "But Momma, it will be so boring without it!" (Starting to cry.)
My sister, "It'll be boring without it?"
(Aria's beginning to cry pretty hard. I begin to chuckle pretty loudly in the other room.)
My sister to Aria, "I said, 'No.' Now go get in the car."
(Turns her voice toward me, "Don't you laugh! Your day is coming!")
Oh man. I keep forgetting....

      ARIA                    MY  SOPHIE

Oh. My. Gracious.

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