Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paper Dolls and other activities

Playing Paddy Cake
 I had a wonderful time with Sophie today. I got up early so that I could get ready while Lily was still sleeping. (I am finding that I MUST begin appreciating mornings now that I'm living the life of a single mother.)

These are glorious times. I love being a mommy. Tuesdays and Thursdays are precious to me. I get to watch my three-year-old play make-believe, love on her, chase her, take walks with her and see how much she loves being around Lily.

She and Lily are so cute together. Lily already adores her big sister and has a ready grin on her face when Sophie talks to her. Sophie, however, can also make Lily cry like no one else. Sophie doesn't mean to do it, but sometimes she is just overcome with the need to act like a tiger, bear, lion or some other creature that growls really loudly. When she does this in Lily's presence, usually in Lily's face, Lily immediately drops her bottom lip as low as it can go and lets out a pitiful cry. (Sometimes, I wonder if Sophie inwardly enjoys the impression she makes. I mean, WOW! What a reaction Lily gives to that scary growl!)

At this point, Tommy and I try not to laugh too much at Sophie's back-tracking, "Lily, Lily, it's OK, it's just me. It's me, big sister!" or poor Lily's astonishment. (We usually fail pretty miserably.) These are good times. Times it feels like it's supposed a family.

Today, I embarked on a new activity with Sophie as Tommy worked his magic by getting Lily to sleep.

I made some paper dolls for her...

You see, right now, Sophie is really into using sissors to cut paper and create pictures by pasting the pieces on black paper. (I have acquired quite a bit of scrapbooking paper and it makes for wonderful art.) As I was cutting out flowers and whatnot for her to paste, I began creating little people. After I had cut out a momma, daddy, brother and sister, they needed clothes, of course. Hats, shirts, pants, you know. Then I cut out a dog and Sophie insisted that it needed to be on a leash.

Once I was done, Sophie was off in the World of Pretend.

This was such a joy to me! It was a simple and pleasureable thing to do for her and I was taken aback when, after completing the family, Sophie looked up at me with genuine gratitude and said, "Thank you, Mommy." Such a good girl, she is!

What a priceless thing to share with her!

After a wonderful day, I went back to my house with Lily (always a sad time that requires much reflection, praying and occassionally, provokes some tears) and laid her down for a nap. I was not only given a special little gem like Sophie, but I have been blessed with TWO tiny treasures.

When Lily woke up from her nap, I walked in to see her peeking up over the side of her bassinet, looking for me. I laughed and ran to get my sister who rejoiced with me at the cuteness of it.
This sweetness is enough. I know God's love in these times.


Poet4Him77 said...

Love it! also love that you're back in the land of blogging. You've been missed!

Cookwire Photography said...

I love the paper dolls! I wonder if they are marketable somehow... hmmm