Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Entering into a new world

I am not an exhibitionist. That may sound weird, but I mean it. I am a pretty closed off person. I can play the extrovert, but inside, I'm usually dying. Slowly crumbling and wanting to run. I used to not even be able to look people in the eye.

So why am I putting my artwork, my very soul, out there for others to see? Well, because I love art and my passion has always been to be a part of an art community.

I began thinking about starting an art circle about two months ago. I saw a group called Greyhaven play at Work Play and their idea really took root. To check them out, go to Greyhaven to see more about them. It's a group of bands that meet, write songs, and play together. Very cool.

I thought that getting together about 15-20 close friends that love to draw, paint, sculpt, doodle, write, scrapbook, etc. would be a great experience. I wanted to learn from other artists and also be able to sit down and create with others. I thought that once a year, we could put on a show and sell our art for a good cause.

While expressing this to my husband, he reminded me that his sister (belongs to Greyhaven) is also a part of The Birmingham Art Collective. This is a group for any Birmingham artist who wants to get together with other it photographers, writers, fine arts, designers, etc. I had forgotten about this group!

So, long story short, on July 3rd, my work will be put up for exhibition at The Bottle Tree for one month. I am one of 30 artists being featured. The show starts at 7PM with DJ Coco and bands will begin playing at 9PM. My sister-in-law and her husband will be performing at 10PM in their band called Handwritten Letters.

Here is the piece chosen to be put on exhibit. All art is for sale and there is a $5 cover charge at the door which will wholly go to Greencup Books.

"Still Shy" Oil Pastel on Canvas

This was not their (or my) first choice, but it turns out it is perfect for my first art show in 16 years. I am 'still shy' in some respects and it pangs me to think this art will be criticized critiqued (as artists so deceptively put it).

The first choice was this pencil drawing. And although I do like the way it turned out, I put a bid in for a more colorful piece so that it would show up better. I think this would have gotten lost among the other stimuli.

It's called "Still Thinking."

The piece that I originally wanted to display was "Sisters." It is oil pastel on paper. I did this in 1997 for my sister's birthday. She has always championed my artwork and has gone so far as to confiscate artwork of mine and frame it for her own home.

Her house holds several pieces, including five plates that I painted with her children's favorite book covers on them. Here is "Sisters."

So, as I jump on this bandwagon, I am excited and scared. I know this is what my heart desires. However, I am a little overwhelmed. With a psychotically active busy baby and no organization skills, I wonder if this will be feasible. I guess it's time to grow up. I've read that those who say they "can't," never will. I won't say I can't. I will just say, Lord help me.

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Poet4Him77 said...

Look job, Ams. I'm SO PROUD of you! What's that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, "Do one thing every day that scares you." Yeah, that's it.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it to your premeire. I had a prior commitment. Please let me know how it went, when you have a chance.